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illo fort is a space for illustrators to socialize, network, learn, and share.

Pretty Picture Club has created illo fort as a means to educate, embolden, and elevate illustrators. Our efforts all branch from a private Slack group, guided by three pillars:


Freelancing can be a lonely endeavor. At illo fort you have a chance to meet and make friends with other illustrators from around the world, including those already freelancing in many different areas of expertise.


Participate in structured monthly illustration prompts, solicit critique of your work, get feedback on ideas for illustrations and side projects, and team up with others in the group for collaborative projects.


Get answers to all your burning questions about freelancing, share job opportunities with other illustrators, enlist aid in quoting projects and getting clients, and participate in periodic structured discussions about a variety of freelancing topics.

Freelancing can be daunting, and there are many barriers to both entry and success. This is why we’ve created illo fort as a completely free and inclusive place for illustrators to grow. Whether you’re an illustrator who has never taken on a freelance project, a beginning freelancer, or someone with years of experience, we believe you’ve got a lot to offer. We’d love to have you participate in this creative experiment!

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We’re currently taking applicants to join illo fort!

If you are an illustrator at any point in your career who wants to participate in any aspect of what we do, please fill out the below application. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.